Apto. Turístico

El Mirador de mi Abuela 

Weekend:300 €300 €
Whole week:650 €650 €
Dos noches:300 €300 €
Tres noches:350 €350 €
Cuatro noches:450 €450 €
Cinco noches:500 €500 €
Seis noches:550 €550 €
HIGH SEASON: July, August, Easter, December and holidays.
LOW SEASON: Rest of the year.
During the months of July and August the accommodation is only rented for weeks or full fortnights.  
All year, minimum stay of two nights. 

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Nº Registro: UAT00086
Traditional house totally recovered, located in the top of the town with excellent views. It has Hall-hungry-cooks with chimney, TV. Kitchen totally equipped. Balcony. 2 double rooms, 1 complete bath with washing machine and dryer. All the space is with an attic.
Balcony, careful Decoration, DVD/Video, Excellent views, infantile Park, Swimming pool, TV in hall
Uztarroz: nailed pirenaica villa in the Valley of Roncal, in Pyrenean the Navarrese, conserves a typical architecture and spotted streets. Its situation, allows to make visits to Roncesvalles, Forest of Irati, Valley of Belagoa, and tracks of ski of Arette (France).
KIND: Apto. Turístico CAPACITY: 4 RENTAL: full


Indoor kit

Balcony, Heating, Fireplace, Cared decoration, DVD/video, TV in living room

Outdoor kit

Parking, Good views

Services in the area

Airport100.0 kmSpa4.0 km
Bus0.5 kmCash machine4.0 km
Health Center4.0 kmSki station15.0 km
Train station100.0 kmChemist´s4.0 km
Petrol station7.0 kmGolf100.0 km
Equestrian sports50.0 kmSea/ beach190.0 km
Swimming pool4.0 kmSupermarket4.0 km
Taxi4.0 km


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En Lumbier, 5 de enero de 2019
La noche del 5 de enero se repite, desde tiempo inmemorial, la costumbre de arrastrar " Los Calderos" (botes de lata) por todas las calles de la localidad, produciendo un estrepitoso ruido que anuncia...
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En Isaba, 25 de febrero de 2019
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Pyrenean villa of 220 inhabitants of the Valley of the Roncal. It keeps a typical architecture with inscriptions in the facades with shields and the paving streets. Its parish of Santa Engracia, Gothic-Renaissance, is from the XVI century, with big Romanesque altarpiece of the end of the XVII century. The hermitage of Our Lady Patrocinio is from the XVIII century with rococo altarpiece. Village divided by the river Uztárroz, that in summer you can enjoy a small river swimming pool.


You also can visit the churches of Vidángoz (VI century), Roncal, in Isaba, the hermitages of Idoia, with a virgin of XIII century, of Arrako with other virgin of XV century, and which are from Uztárros and Burgui, with a Gothic shape of XIV century. Furthermore of visiting the Museum House of the tenor Julián Gayarre in Roncal, the dairy museum of Uztárroz and the ethnographic Museum in Isaba.
It is close to the Pyrenean tops of Orhy, Mesa Tres Reyes and to the chasms of San Martín and the karts plateau of Larra.
. Access to the French regions of Aquitania and Mediodía-Pyrenees.

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